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Giving back to the Community
is Central to our Philosophy.

At Gen7 Fuel it is our mission to continuously give back to the community and support First Nations initiatives that will benefit the next seven generations to come. It’s part of our everyday business; for every litre of gas sold at our pumps, a portion is donated directly back into the community.

To date, Gen7 Fuel has donated over $440,000 to First Nations communities across Ontario. Those donations have gone towards building playgrounds, providing iPads to students in need, supporting women and family shelters, sponsoring children’s athletics initiatives, and even to forming Indigenous Scholarships to McMaster University.

Community Involvement Initiatives:

Support Indigenous Entrepreneurs with investment and capacity building.
Invest in local community initiatives across multiple First Nations communities
Partnerships with OHL and LNHL for Indigenous Heritage Nights.
McMaster University Indigenous Scholarships.
Fundraising events to benefit community initiatives.
Gen7 Employee Give Back Programs.

As a Gen7 Fuel Cash Reward Loyalty Member, you can feel good
knowing that while you’re earning rewards, so does your community.

With the help of our amazing customers and staff, Gen7 Fuel can continue to work towards a better future for all. Thank you for being an active part of our mission to nurture, protect, and provide for the next seven generations.

Driving together, fueling change for generations to come.

To read more about Gen7 Fuel’s community initiatives, or inquire about partnership/sponsorship opportunities, visit

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